Thursday, October 25, 2007

stuffed up.

I am really giving in to this whole being-sick-with-a-head-cold thing. Mostly because it's an excuse to be lazy, but also because I will do anything to get better so I can go see Jens on Monday even if that means staying cooped up on the couch getting my body as much rest as possible. In the process I am also reading knitting books and scouring the web for baby hat patterns. Not because I am expecting... no, no. I want to make one for someone else. I really like this pattern (also on a 'knit2', though a different project and person) as an alternative to a classic stockingette stitch hat with an umbilical chord on top, like every pattern book seems to host. Maybe this weekend I will head down to the yarn store to look at fibers and get some ideas from real live humans instead of the web. In the meantime, if anyone has any cute baby hat pattern to show + share please send them my way!

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