Tuesday, October 23, 2007

sick day / photographs

I'm back in New England and have found myself with quite a cold! Between sniffles, coughs and cups of tea I have been knitting cables, and scanning polaroid images to add to flickr. Mostly all pictures I took in New Mexico, though a few from the Vineyard that I took the day that I moved out.

I've been cropping the white borders off of all the Martha's Vineyard images, but I think that for the New Mexico pictures I may leave them on. Mainly because it requires less editing and the drowsy cold medicine is kicking in, but also because I want to separate these new images from the Martha's Vineyard ones. They are two very different series, one that I took when I was living in a place, another when I was visiting. Not to mention two very different places... one surrounded by the ocean, the other by mountains and sky.

you can click on the tree above to take a look at what I am talking about, or just to see more images from NM!

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suzysmalls said...

i love this tree photo! beautiful.