Tuesday, October 09, 2007

New Music Today: Jens Lekman!

I don't know what your agenda is for today, but somewhere in there give a listen to the new Jens Lekman album, Night Falls Over Kortedala, which comes out in the US on Secretly Canadian.

Jens is a 26 year old Swede who sings quirky pop songs about girls he kissed, the city he lives in and his yearning for love. About a month ago Pitchfork gave the record a rave review (9.0!!) and Jens has begun gaining popularity stateside. Thanks to a very special friend (I don't know if I should put her name here, is it ok?) I received an advance copy of the disc and have been enjoying it non-stop for the past few weeks, as I have with his other releases. His lyrics are nostalgic like Jonathan Richman's and the new melodies are driven by layers of samples and strings from 1960's ballads. If this description is not enough to make you go buy it, just take one more look at that album cover! swooon!

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Angela said...

My boyfriend is obsessed with him! He made me listen to that new album yesterday, with the song about Nina and her Catholic dad on it. I liked it. I like the song Maple Leaves too..."rain falls hard on the city, on every homeless kitty." cute.