Friday, December 07, 2007

Designer's Next Challenge

So far, I'm not quite as wowed by Bravo's Project Runway this season as I was season's past. That show used to be really amazing; brimming with talented designers and clearly all about fashion. Now I feel like it's suddenly all celebrity appearances and character conflict. Fight fight fight! There's plenty of shows on TV about that. I just want to watch people sew clothes!

I rented two movies from netflix to serve my fix for fashion design. Unzipped, which was my favorite in high school and fun to see all over again, and Seamless (same director, 10 years later). Sure they are both character portraits as well, but seem to document that creative process behind fashion design and couture that people buying and wearing fashion these days sort of forget exists. I just love watching Isaac Mizrahi have little epiphanies while watching old movies and that scene in the end where he reads his review in the newspaper. It reminds me that making clothes, accessories -- anything -- is a an artform just the same as painting, sculpting, music, etc, and not always a contest. Maybe the writers from PR just need to learn how to make it work...

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Abby said...

This week's episode was a prime example of the producers stepping in. They'll never get rid of a crier.