Saturday, December 15, 2007

podcast inspired.

It seems like this could be turning into a book blog. It shouldn't (because this book blogger does it way better) but after listening to Maira Kalman on Studio 360, I decided to add the illustrated Elements of Style to my long list of desired books. I think Rosemary has it, do you Rosemary? I feel like she told me about it once, but it wasn't until Kalman and Kurt Anderson roamed the streets of New York, photographing old mattresses and rabbits and talking about names of donuts, that she got my attention. Plus, the Strunk and White classic is always good to have on hand illustrated or not.

So... podcasts. Snowed in, knitting, who needs anything more than NPR? I don't. Well maybe a free lunch delivered to me in a picnic basket. That would be nice.


Abby said...

I ordered the illustrated version last year and I love it. It is one of the classiest books on its shelf.

suzy smalls said...

do have it. do love it. buy it!
you will adore it.