Thursday, December 20, 2007

things I've finished and things I have not:

Well, today we begin our pre-Holiday visits and are headed to Western Mass to see some friends. I will be bringing these two baby hats with me that my friend will be giving as gifts. I made them with the same organic cotton that I made the first one and even used the same pattern for the one on top. The tan and blue hat, sans earflaps, is from the Stitch and Bitch Book, and also very fun to make!

As for the apron with the bias tape... thats going to have to wait and be completed when we get back. Making the tape is not that hard, just waaay more time consuming than I ever expected. No little gadgets for me! (why would I want to make life easier??) Just a lot of pressing and pinning and swearing (which is typical when I sew). But it does look nice as I start to put it on. I promise finished pictures when I get there, because I think it's coming out beautifully!

see you soon!

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