Monday, March 03, 2008

ArteyPico Awards!

There are so many good blogs out there! I spend waaayyy too much time online trying to take them all in. It's exciting to that in the midst of all these online publishers, I can have my own little place to track my progress through the variety of projects I take on. What's even more exciting... is that other people read it! People from all over the world. Earlier this week Australian blogger Bec awarded me the ArteyPico award for not only being creative, but and inspiring as well! Bec has her own wonderfully creative world she shares via The Small Stuff. I was first drawn to her blog through images of her bags on her flickr. Lots of people have been sewing cute totes from fun fabrics, but something about hers stood out to me as special. I love her homemade patterns, fun fabrics, buttons and embellishments, as well as the cute names and stories that make tote her own. Thanks, Bec, for introducing me to your crafty world... and for choosing my blog to give an award to! How flattering! Now i get to choose 3 blogs that inspire me and pass the award on.... how to choose? how to choose?

Well, I do love looking at UNIFORM Studio Journal (who I borrowed this photo from, above.) Her blog is very consistent with the style of clothes she makes -- clean, modern, simple, artistic. Her designs feel like contemporary art, all the while looking extremely wearable, comfortable and practical -- not to mention being gorgeously cut and detailed. I love peeking in to see what she's working on, or what's available in her shop. It's very motivating to watch another designer or artist work, which is a reason why I like reading crafting blogs so much!

Also making some great clothes is Rosemary, a good friend of mine, who award-worthy blog is embroidered woven sewn and drawn. I met Rosie a few years ago when I was living on Martha's Vineyard and we bonded over nights of cooking delicious dinners, drinking wine from her family's vineyard, and doing lots of crafting!! Recently, when I moved from the Island, I suggested she keep a blog so that I can continue to see what she creates. Blogging has been one of the many great ways we have kept in touch and has also allowed us to share the ideas we have and things we make, pose questions or seek out advice. Its delightful to us that others get the connection, too!

Thirdly, and this is so, so hard to choose one more, but I would like to award a blog that always appears in my google reader as 'title unknown'. I love reading this blog for insight to a world of fashion, art, shopping, photography and design. I know very little about the blogger, Vic, except that I am into whatever she posts! She refers to the blog as her 'wishlist' and I hope that all her wishes come true! I am always sharing these links with friends in "oh my god - check this out!!" emails. Whether photos of well decorated interiors, links to foreign art exhibits or just cool products one would dream to buy, a peek at her blog offers an escape into a beautiful world from any ordinary day.

So there, that's just some of what inspires me to keep putting stuff up here. If I could give out a million awards they would go to: The Cherry Blossom Girl, Quiet Epiphanies, Book By It's Cover, Posie Gets Cozy, A Dress a Day, Poppytalk, Keep Up, Getting Purly with It, Only Shallow, and Lena Corwin, just to name a few. All inspiring, all creative and all making the internet a more interesting place!


vic said...

Wow! Thank you so much. I'm incredibly honoured!!

Abby said...

What a great post to read on a sunny morning. Your blog is very creative and inspiring so it is nice to see you get recognition for it.

But, I will be honest, I checked it to see any feedback about PR last night; I would loooove to hear your thoughts.

Bec said...

Hey thanks for the lovely words about my blog! It's great that blogs make it possible for people all over the world to share their creative stuff! In real life I don't know anyone who is into all of this - most conversations with real life friends tend to revolve around kids, toilet training, day jobs etc. So it's really nice to be in touch with people who actually like talking about sewing, knitting, fashion, art. All the good stuff! I'm off to check out some of your links now. Cheers! Bec.

Nancy said...

Thanks so much for the love, Vanessa..!