Monday, March 10, 2008

spring is getting cloche!*

I totally forgot about this hat!

I started knitting it a few months ago, finished it eventually, and then just... forgot about it. I picked it up and sewed the button on today. It's a nice hat for springtime, so the timing is right.

It's knit from a mix of two different yarns I found in my mom's stash. I particularly liked the two together, and had just enough for this cloche style hat!

(*sorry, I had to use that line. you don't even want to know about the puns I come up with and don't use!!)

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Bec said...

I think this is the most beautiful and original hat I have seen in a long time. I really really love it! Actually, guess what I am doing tomorrow? Going to a yarn shop to buy my first ever knitting needles, and some yarn! It's impossible to see so much inspiration and not jump in and have a go. So wish me luck! I really hope I don't completely suck at it. Anyway, now we are coming into the cooler seasons I am really keen to start. My aunty is going to teach me. Yay!!! Oh, and I actually like your title. Puns like this crack me up. Actually I just started my latest post with a really bad joke (really groan worthy) so maybe I just have a really warped sense of humor :P