Thursday, March 13, 2008

Decisions, decisions.

I am really bad at making decisions. I don't know what it is. I will stand in front of products in the store for minutes and minutes, put down my basket and ponder. I'll even walk around, down another aisle and come back, trying to reach a conclusion. It's really bad.

I had one of those moments (lasting, err, several moments) today in the craft store when I went to buy yarn to make this sweater. I did the math and realized that I could make it for less than it would cost me to get something equivalent at H&M, so I went to shop for yarn. I just couldn't decide between these two colors:

So I bought a scane of each and took them home to ponder some more.

My initial thought was to make this sweater golden yellow, but the yellow for this pattern is much less than golden. Its a bit more of a pale, buttercup. I really like the pea green, too. That's where things get tricky. I just hope I don't end up knitting it in basic black. Then again, I know I'll always wear it!


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Bec said...

Oh wow, that sweater is gorgeous. Hhmmm, I probably like that pea green colour best, but then, the yellow would be so FUN!!!! Sorry I'm not helping am I? How about picking the colour that will go with the most stuff in your existing wardrobe...actually no , that's just BORING. I'm sorry I'm no help. But I'm sure whatever you choose will turn out fabulous :)