Thursday, March 06, 2008

Wouldn't it be lovely?

ok, Abby, you asked for it!

I wouldn't mind turning this into a Project Runway forum for a little bit. I'd enjoy hearing all of your opinions about last night's finale... what did you think of Christian's win? Big surprise?

I kind of thought this would happen for a couple of weeks now. Actually, I worried this would happen. He's just so annoying and seems like he's already done the work of manufacturing himself into a character, catchphrase and all. But that's what our culture loves. He'll do fine. And I admit, he really is a good designer. Though I really thought from watching the shows that Rami had it all wrapped up... he really is good.

When PR was over I changed the channel and found myself in the midst of some more fashion inspiration, this time from a 1964 classic.

Feathers, big hats, ridiculous ruffles and sleek female forms don't seem so original anymore, do they Christian? It's hard to match the drama of Cecil Beaton!

I love the Ascot scene in My Fair Lady. Perfectly choreographed, elegant and hilarious. As fashion should always be.


Abby said...

Thank you!

vanessa.e. said...

wait... did you watch it? what did you think?

Abby said...

Sorry, I guess that was a little incomplete. Yes, I watched it and I liked Rami's collection the best. I thought, for the total package of production, style and craftsmanship, he should have won. But Christian was more "edgy" (even if it was a little boring) and Rami is more established so perhaps why that's Christian as chosen. And, when you have the Beckham on your side ....